Peruser AI


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peruser AI?
Peruser is an advanced search assistant that helps you discover more in less time. It automates your process of searching, reading, and summarizing webpages to help you find the most relevant information.
What are advantages of Peruser over vanilla ChatGPT?
  1. Access to real-time information. Peruser AI uses the knowledge currently available online, meaning it hallucinates or makes up information far less than ChatGPT.
  2. Easy validation of responses from the web-links. You can always go to the link and cross-check the response.
  3. Expanded discovery of internet knowledge. You are getting many leads to relevant and side topics through references and suggestions, making you discover what you didn't know exist.
  4. Richer answers with relevant images from the web. Visuals help augment and illustrate the key points.
  5. Explicit summary of relevant webpages based on your query.
Can I trust every information I saw in responses?
While Peruser leverages advanced natural language processing to provide insightful and nuanced responses, the system's capabilities are ultimately dependent on the quality of the training data and the retrieved web sources. There is a small possibility of hallucinations (while being less than other GPT tools). Please contact our team if you have any concerns about information provided in responses so we can continue to improve Peruser's capabilities.
Pricing - Simple and Transparent

Every new user receives 100 complimentary credits to explore our services. After, you can top up your account by buying new credits.

   - 100 credits for $8 (Buy Credits)

   - Credits never expire.

   - Quick question: 1 credit each

   - Advanced question: 2 credits each